Kimberley Schijven

Name Kimberly Schijven
Age 31
First Bike CBR 250 R
At what age did you first start riding a bike  21
Hobbies Stuntriding/multiple extreme, sports/artistic, rollerskating/eventplanning
Current Bike: GSR750 and GSXR1000 (K6)
Most Memorable Stunt Show moment/Show? Doing a burn-out with a tyre on fire from gasoline together with acrobats, a rock band and fire eating artists. And many more memories actually.
Favorite place to ride? Motorbeurs Utrecht and Harley meeting in Edersee Germany
What attracted you towards stunt riding? I like to do unknown sports and immediately knew that just normal driving on the road is not my thing. Then I met stuntriders on a parking lot.
How many hours do you practice?  At the moment not much at all, cause the people in the neighbourhood do not like it and the police either… Now I’m still trying to find a good place to practice.
Favorite stunt?  Crazy larry’s
Most difficult stunt? Wheelie circles
Advice for young stunt riders?  Don’t do your tricks on the road, only on parkings with no other cars around.
Favorite Movies:   The hunger games/Underworld/all movies with Jason Statham
Your opinion on Suzuki bikes?  Comfort even on a racer, small shape (good for the shortie’s) and look nice off course.