Steven Fransen Bleuk

Name Steven Fransen Bleuk
Age 39
First Bike Suzuki ER 50
At what age did you first start riding a bike  9
Hobbies Welding, fixing things
Current Bike: Suzuki GSR 750 GSX 1000
Most Memorable Stunt Show moment/Show? Moto GP Assen
Favorite place to ride? Home Spot Air Base
What attracted you towards stunt riding? The power to amaze people with my stunt driving
How many hours do you practice?  2 to 3 hours a week
Favorite stunt?  Front stoppie
Most difficult stunt? Backwards wheelie
Advice for young stunt riders?  don't try this at home
Favorite Movies:  Terminator, porn
Your opinion on Suzuki bikes?  For stuntriding it is better to use a 600 cc so I want to show it's also possible with a GSR 750 / GSX 1000